Freya's Child

About the Book

In the third of the series, Freya’s Child, Albert and Tillie come face to face with the influence and power of the Nazi movement in the United States. In September of 1939, a Nordic high priestess, Hulda Schwarz, arrives in Minnesota to recover an ancient Nordic rune-stone. Schwarz believes the stone contains a revelation from the goddess Freya, who the priestess believes is guiding the rise of the Third Reich to rule the entire world.

Albert, with ambitions of becoming an FBI agent, craves adventure, but nothing prepares him for the bizarre events that unfold when Schwarz turns her eye toward his newborn daughter. Schwarz is convinced that the goddess Freya desires to possess the child’s heart and soul in fulfillment of the rune-stone’s prophecy.

Albert and Tillie’s Christian beliefs—as well as their love for their daughter and one another—are sorely tested by mysterious visions, dreams, and the supernaturally seductive power of the priestess. How will Albert and Tillie find a way to save their marriage and prevent Schwarz from escaping to Nazi Germany with their daughter?

Throughout the series Orville Switzer, a boy with limited intelligence, but a loving heart, plays a crucial role in the lives of the young couple and their newborn daughter.

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