Alvin H. Franzmeier

Working to support the intellectually disabled

After serving for over 40 years as a parish pastor, chaplain and licensed marriage and family counselor from Canada to south Texas, I resigned in order to have time for writing novels and for blogging. The Albert and Tillie Mystery series is one of the results. These three novels reflect both my childhood and my professional experience.

Wherever I’ve lived and worked I encountered people young and old with intellectual disabilities. My first such acquaintance was with Eddie, a 16 year old placed by social services to work on our family’s dairy farm. Eddie had the intellect of a 10 year old. He worked hard at his job and remained a ward of my parents until he died.

In my childhood rural congregation there was also an intellectually disabled boy about my age. In the novels I folded these two real life boys into a character named Orville. Orville plays important parts in all three novels.

In every parish I served I met families with intellectually disabled children and adults. As a pastor I always urged our congregations to reach out to them, to welcome and encourage them to participate in our worship, education and fellowship activities.

In addition to the novels I am working to support and encourage the caregivers and families of these individuals through my blogs. You, my readers, are welcome to join me as a guest blogger.


—Alvin H Franzmeier

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